About Me


My name is Talmadge. I teach yoga to people who sit. I specialize in adaptive yoga and corporate yoga.

In 2010, I discovered that I had multiple sclerosis. After my first relapse in late 2011 I began to lose my ability to walk. I moved from cane to wheelchair in 8 months.

Yoga helped me adapt to the rapid changes that MS caused in my body and brain. It has taught me how to learn from my disease. Yoga is a gift. A gift of clarity, relaxation and mental strength.

I want to give that gift to you.

I believe yoga adapts to you. Not the other way around.

All people, regardless of age, ability or illness can benefit from yoga. Your journey with yoga begins where you are right here. Right now.

I believe yoga isn’t just about the poses. It’s about taking charge of your mind, body and attitude. It’s about slowing down.

It’s about changing for the better.

It’s about you.

Talmadge Boyd | Adaptive Yoga


How I Help

Adaptive Yoga

Yoga meets you where you are, mentally and physically. In my opinion, all yoga is adaptive. Even the most fit among us must modify poses. For those us who move a little differently (either because of illness, trauma or age) yoga is within reach.

Wheelchair Yoga

Disease, spinal trauma and age all can transform your ability to walk. No disability is the same. The good news is that these issues don't prohibit you from practicing yoga. Just as you adapt to living with a wheelchair, you can modify yoga poses to fit your specific needs.

Corporate Yoga

If you work in front of a computer, you know that sitting all day can take a toll. Yoga in the workplace helps you reduce stress, lower your blood pressure,  think more clearly and be more creative. Take a moment to breath, relax and take a break. Your mind, body and your company will thank you for it.

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